One Resolution

It’s a new year which means it’s the season for resolutions! Often we make all these plans and goals that can become guilt producing, condemnation multiplying commitments in our lives. So, am I saying we shouldn’t start the year with resolutions? Of course not! What I’m saying is to think about scaling it all back to what really matters and to just make one. Yes…one!

You see, we all have things that we are responsible for, just because we are breathing–eating, cooking, working to provide, paying bills, loving our spouse, caring for children. However, because we have asked Jesus to be the Lord of our lives, we get to have additional responsibilities – responses to the Lord. We get to exercise our faith, we get to pray, resist the devil, love mercy, walk humbly, do justice, fear God, make disciples, and share the good news with others.

You may be asking yourself, “How in the world will I manage to fit in more to my already-busy life?” Don’t make a million resolutions. Matthew 6 tells us, first, “don’t worry about tomorrow.” If you look at the entire context, it means that today is enough for us to let the Lord handle; and we don’t need to handle more than that.

We get to make daily choices to determine what is good versus what is best. Or, what is good versus what is God. And every day we will have to make those decisions. How do we that?

It helps me to ask myself one question when faced with the dilemma of “I don’t have time for these spiritual responsibilities on top of my already-busy life.” Here’s the question: “Is He worthy?” In practical terms, when I have a variety of responsibilities whether they be spiritual or physical, it helps me to clarify and prioritize those things by simply asking, “Is He worthy?”

You see, sometimes my physical responsibilities are as much my “desire” as they are a real “need” in my life to accomplish. So, for today, maybe you say, “I think I’ll take the kids to the pool for two hours.”  That’s awesome. Spend more time with your kids!. However, maybe you also know that your neighbor is fighting cancer and is discouraged. And you, as a believer, possess hope, and life, and compassion. So ask yourself, “Is He worthy?”Absolutely, I can take the kids for one hour, then get some flowers, and go visit my neighbor for 30 mins.  Why? Because that’s what Jesus would do, and because “He is worthy.”

In 2019, don’t come under condemnation because you can’t keep all the new resolutions. Simply make this your resolution: choose to be led by the Spirit as you respond to the question, “Is He worthy?” So, for 2019, and starting even today, say, “Lord, I want to be led by the Spirit daily—because You are worthy,” and I am free as Your son or daughter.

Have a fun, fruitful, and free year ahead.


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