Let It Snow

Many years ago, the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” showed up in theaters.  Seattle usually gets lots of rain from late fall to late spring. But snow? It’s typically “Snowless in Seattle.” But last week, when 10 inches of the white stuff fell, everything came to a standstill and adults became like children with their families.
This week as I was using my own snowblower here in Oregon, I was amazed at how snow changes everything. When it blankets the landscape, things get quiet and peaceful. It brings a sense of cleanliness, the snow makes the sun reflect and light up everything around it.
Recently I had the privilege of hearing some personal stories of some very painful life experiences of people. But as they spoke, they shared how the lovingkindness of the Lord was poured out and transformed their lives and situations.
Years ago, a hymn was written in response to a passionate, yearning heart, which said, “Lord Jesus I long to be perfectly whole…now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.” As a child I remember singing those words. But greater still, I remember experiencing the grace and love of God and knowing that He had indeed washed me whiter than snow.
Now, as an adult, in the midst of a world and a culture that is darkly tainted, resulting in hopelessness, pain, oppression, and bondage, Jesus wants to “wash me whiter than snow.” No matter how many times I’ve received His love and presence, I need a fresh, daily blanketing of His grace.  That “snow from the throne” brings a childlikeness before my Father – rest, rejoicing, peace in the chaos, and cleansing from the evil that is rampant in the world. Ultimately, as we delight in Him, we are made “perfectly whole” and He is glorified. “Lord, let it snow.”

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