Community Groups


At Desert Streams, we strongly emphasize participation in both a Sunday morning celebration service and in Community Groups. In the book of Acts the first church met daily “from house to house” (Acts 20:20). Real life change usually happens one on one, or in small groups of people (2-12).

The purpose of our Community Groups is to meet regularly for the purpose of evangelism, community, and discipleship. It is in this setting that the practical sharing of lives, growing to spiritual maturity, and multiplication of leadership takes place. It is our goal that every person would be “doing the work of ministry,”  and that faithful people would impart to others who would become faithful as well. 

Community Groups

We are starting up Community Groups the week of September 12th

Groups will run through the week of November 14th unless specified otherwise. Fill out the form below to sign up or if you have questions.

Dinner, Story, & Community

What: a 10 week hangout with family and God

When: Thursday nights at 6pm

Where: The Jones house

with the Chastains

TBD more info coming soon

Hearing the Voice of God

What: a ten week study with Paul Powers

When: Thursday nights at 6pm

Where: The Powers house

Alpha Training Group

What: 4 week outreach training with Daniel Burgess

When: Thursday nights at 6pm

Where: The Daniel Burgess house

Find Your Spiritual Gift

What: an 8 week study with Neal Burgess

When: 11:30 am Saturday Mornings

Where: The Neal Burgess house

Ongoing Community Groups

Man Coffee

What: An unstructured time for men to fellowship. 

When: Every Friday at 7am

Where: Blake’s Shop – 61568 American Ln #700, Bend, OR 97702

Contact: Blake Chastain – 541.788.1768

Sign up for a Community Group 

Let us know in the comment section which group you want to sign up for!